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Good Seed's trial garden is located high in the Okanogan Highlands, just two miles from the Canadian border.  To make our cold hardy list, plants have to grow and thrive here in these challenging conditions.  Tomatoes, peppers, basil and squash need all the protection they can get.  Even the toughest cannot handle heavy frosts and don't like light ones, but with skill and care, they can flourish.

Snapdragon Tetra Mix

Pictured: Snapdragon Tetra Mix

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Baby's Breath   Gypsophila elegans


Bachelor Buttons   Centaurea


Calendula   Pot Marigold


Poppy   California poppy



Hollyhocks   Althaea Rosea


Rocky Mountain Flax   Linum lewisii


Rose Campion   Lychnis coronaria


Russell Lupine   Lupinus poluphyllus



Shasta Daisy   Alaska


New for 2014 Snapdragon  Tetra mix


Sunflower   Mammoth


Sweet Pea   Royal mix


Sweet William   Chesaw mix


Dill   Anethum graveolens


Oregano   Origanum sp.


Sweet Majoram   Origanum majorana


Chives   Allium Schoenoprasum


Garden Sage   Salvia officinalis


Thyme   Thymus vulgaris


Arugula  Roquette


Beans  Yellow Indian Woman Beans


Fava Beans  Windsor Classic


Beets  Detroit Dark Red


Beets  Cylindra



Beets  Early Wonder


Broccoli  De Cicco


Broccoli  Waltham 29


Brussels Sprouts  Long Island Improved


Cabbage  Early Jersey Wakefield


Cabbage  Red Acre


Cabbage  Danish Ballhead


Cauliflower  Early Snowball


Carrots  Nantes


Carrots  Royal Chantenary


New for 2014 Mustard  Jiu Tou Niao


Mustard  Mizuna


Pak Choi


Kale  Red Russian


Kale  Blue Scotch Curled


Greens  Collard


Greens  French Sorrel


Greens  Purple Orach


Arugula  Roquette


Endive  Salad King


Lettuce   Black Seeded Simpson


Lettuce   Buttercrunch


Lettuce   Deer Tounge


Lettuce   Forellenschuss


Lettuce   Romaine


Lettuce   Red Sails


Lettuce   Rouge d'Hiver


Lettuce   Salad Bowl


Melon  Minnesota Midget


Parsley   Moss Curled


Parsnip  Lancer


Peas  Sugar Snap


Snow Peas   Dwarf Grey Sugar


Peas   Green Arrow


Radish   Cherry Belle


Spinach   Bloomsdale


Swiss Chard   Rhubarb, aka Ruby


Burdock  Takinkogawa


Hot Pepper   Christmas Tree



Tomato  Black Krim


Tomato   Moscow Bush



Tomato   Siberian Patio


Tomato  Stupice


Winter Squash   Potimarron


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