Welcome to the Good Seed Company... purveyors of heirloom, open pollinated and cold-hardy seeds since about 1980.

We offer tested cold-hardy seed varieties that do well in northern climates, where we live, particularly gardens at the higher altitudes where growing seasons tend to be short and frosts can come early.

We love our seeds and hope you do too.

*** Specials! ***

End of the 2014 season seeds - $1.50 through January, while supplies last. Seeds are going fast, so we'll substitute to the best of our ability if your first selection is sold out!

Late Fall/Early Spring Garden Seed Sampler Collection - $9.95:

Plant in Sept for late fall greens. Overwinter with 2 inches of mulch for early spring crops. Or, plant as soon as ground can be worked in early spring.
Sampler Collection includes one packet each of:

Mizuna & Jin Tou Niao Mustards • Cherry Belle Radish • Bloomsdale Spinach • Blue Scotch Kale • Red Russian Kale • Arugula • Nantes Carrots • Early Wonder Beets • Lancer Parsnips • French Sorrel

Rocky Mountain Wildflower Seed Collection - $2.50 (pictured below)

Fall is the time to broadcast wildflower seeds! Our "Rocky Mountain Mix" is a blend of hardy wildflowers that do well in our inland northwest cold climate region. There are annuals in this mix that will provide vibrant color in the first year and self-seed for subsequent years. The biennials and perennial flowers really kick in in year two. These wildflowers involve little work after planting and are selected to be non-invasive. Over 3,000+ seeds per packet. More than enough for a lush 40 sq. ft. site. Enjoy!

Rocky Mountain Wildflower Seed Collection